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Custom EZ Link Cards

Almost everyone in Singapore has an EZ Link card to travel around the island. Now you can take advantage of its widespread use by customizing EZ Link cards with your very own corporate branding or message printed on it. Customizing EZ Link cards provides a great opportunity for your brand, products or services to be seen frequently by your target customers, and can be a form of word of mouth advertising if the design is attractive.

Imagine your brand carried around in hundreds or thousands of people’s pockets and wallets in Singapore.

Axxel Marketing provides a straightforward process for you to customise your EZ Link cards. We provide you with the flexibility of designing your very own card. The options of designs you can have on your card are endless.

Contact us  at +65 6848 2482 to get customised EZ Link cards for your business branding.

Here are some of the best designs of customised corporate EZ Link cards for your inspiration: