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T-Shirt Printing

Customized T Shirt Printing

Are you looking to do customised T-shirt printing and looking for T-shirt printing services in Singapore? We have one of the most comprehensive printing methods in Singapore with over 10 different printing solutions for your needs.

T Shirts are a common item that is used by every individual or to signify team spirit. When more than one person wear similar apparel, you know they belongs together. This means that it can be a perfect gift, and or item for a company or school/university or association or organization or family or group of friends. Axxel Marketing has produced and served many satisfied customer with excellent quality t shirt printing services for many years. We provide fast quality custom printed services with a wide range of options available from regular round neck t shirts, class tees to luxurious high quality corporate jackets to suit our customer unique needs for corporate gift.

With more than 20 years of printing experience here in Singapore, our customers trust our expertise to provide the best quality and service for all their corporate campaign need. We run our quality checks strictly and ensure that every apparel that leaves Axxel Marketing will be pass our customer's stringent requirement. We have our own in house printers with more than 10 printing methods and doing the T-shirt printing ourselves in bulk enable us to maximise cost efficency and pass the cost savings to our customers!

Browse our sample Apparel Collection here.

If you cannot find what you want, don't be discouraged as we have more products available that are not listed, just call our friendly customer support team at 94527084 for your personalised customised printing needs.

T Shirt Printing Singapore : Good Quality and Value for Money

Printing Process

There are many different types of printing for each apparel and everyone of them is unique. Each printing method has their own pros and cons and depending on the apparel's material, we can also advise on which will be the best method.


Custom-Made Apparel

Custom made apparels are made to order. These are customized from scratch. You are then able to select the style, material, sizing and color.

This is perfect for special campaign, for example your high net worth clientele appreciation gifts, appreciation gift for loyal customers, limited edition merchandise for brand shop, gift with purchase, purchase with purchase programme, special event redemption programme, et cetera.


Silkscreen Printing

The silkscreen t shirt printing method is considered a popular method as it is reliable and durable. The cost of use this method depends on the amount of prints made, so the more there are the more cost effective it is.


Corporates tend to use the embroidery method as it looks cleaner with a touch of class. Threads are used for this method, so it is mostly use to print logos on apparels.

Embroidery can be done on polo shirt, t shirt, jacket, caps, towels etc. Generally thicker material will yield a higher quality embroidery result.

Digital Heat Transfer

T shirt printing with this method allows for more complex designs with more vibrant colors. The design will be first printed on a PVC Material then heat pressed onto the selected apparel.

Digital heat transfer technology could produce full-coloured t-shirt printing at affordable prices for small quantity orders. This is great news when you don't need to worry about large MOQ and balance inventory.

Digital heat transfer printing can easily print multiple colours. The process is simplified and much less laborious because prints can be done straightaway without plotting. Hence, complicated and colourful designs can be effortlessly printed with amazing detail.


Dye Sublimation

This method is quite unique as it allows printing all-over the apparel. It is considered premium as the process involves the material absorbing the dye. Materials used are generally nylon and or polyester.

Dye-sublimation printing (or dye-sub printing) is a computer printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye onto apparel material. The ink undergoes a process from solid to gaseous state without undergoing the liquid state.

This process of sublimation allows the ink to be part of the fabric. At the end, it feels that you printed directly onto the fabric itself, as you cannot feel the ink, unlike silk screen printing or DTG Printing where you can feel the ink.

The unique feature of sublimation printing is precisely that the ink is in the fabric. This is in contrast to other digital transfer methods such as digital heat transfer printing where the printing is done on the exterior of the fabric. This makes it a unique printing method when it comes to T-Shirt Printing in Singapore.


Who Is Axxel Marketing?

We are a Singapore company specializing in corporate gifts supplies and have been trusted by more than 2500 regional and international clients. We focus on bring in multiple capabilities in handling various project, from simple corporate giftaways to complex marketing campaign to suit different clients with different needs.

With the support of our loyal customers, Axxel Marketing is growing at a consistent pace, and we continue to expand our product range to provide better alternative to myriads of unique and traditional corporate gifts. Our in-house printing machineries had been serving the multitude variety of customers and partners' request and customized gift needs.

Driven by passion and commitment to serve from the heart, we believe in going the extra mile to provide a professional service alongside our quality gift products. In the pursuit of creating this experience, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing Axxel Marketing’s value-added services.

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