Corporate Gifts FAQ

Unsure on corporate gifts? Here are a list of coporate gift frequently asked questions to get your started!

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a business practice where a tangible or intangible item is bestowed upon a person who is associated with the company, usually in the endeavour of maintaining a favourable working relationship.

Corporate gifts can be tangible items such as, the usual drinkware, stationary, and gift baskets. Or it can be special, such as a novelty tech items, limited edition products, etcetera. Corporate gifts can also be intangible: massage vouchers and concert tickets. Often, these gifts are personalised for the intended recipient.

Corporate gifts are often gifted to persons associated with the company. They can be clients, employees, stakeholders, the list continues. These corporate gifts are usually given to maintain a favourable working relationship. While corporate gifts can be given out of good will, they are also seen as opportunities for brand awareness. They are a great marketing tool proven to increase a brand's customer's life value.

Corporate gifts can be given out during festive periods, recipient's birthdays/milestones, or at a specific point in the sales funnel. It is important to note, ideal gifting periods can be industry-specific, thus it is worth seeking an expert's opinion.

Why Corporate Gifting is important?

Corporate gifts are usually given to maintain a favourable working relationship. Be it with clients, employees, or prospects, gift giving creates a connection between your brand and your recipient. People do business with people they know, like, or trust. When executed well, corporate gifts create that familiarity and as such can accomplish several goals. When you incorporate gift giving as part of your overall marketing and/or employee management, it proves to be an effective too in terms of ROI and satisfaction.

What are good corporate gifts?

A good corporate gift has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Practical – will it serve a useful function for the recipient?
  • Thoughtful – is the gift appropriate for the recipient? (i.e., do not gift gourmet cheeses to a vegan client)
  • Personalised – gift is customised to recipient (i.e., with their name) and does not just have a brand logo slapped on it.

Do Corporate Gifts require Company Logo?

This will be dependent on the purposes of the corporate gift.

  • If the purpose is for employees team bonding, for example swag bag, then it is absolutely great to print your company logo! Your Employee will want to be part of the team and the company logo will induct them with their personalised company swag!
  • If the objective is for brand awareness for example mass distribution at an event booth, then it is definitely essential to print your company logo! Do ensure that you are giving out a practical and useful gift to your target audience so that they will have a positive identificaion to your brand whenever they use the gift!
  • If the purpose is for your recipient's personal event, say gift baskets to celebrate a personal milestone, then it is best to avoid having your company logo printed as it would not be appropriate; the limelight should be on the recipient and not on your company logo!

Either way, personalising your corporate gift is a great idea. Just be mindful of what you choose to print on your corporate gift!

What are the top 5 Corporate gifts?

Here are the top 5 items companies gifted as corporate gifts in 2020.

  1. Care pack - a gift pack consisting of pandemic essentials such as EASE hand sanitisers and face masks, grocery vouchers, and more.
  2. WFH gadgets – from MOFT laptop stands and headsets to yoga mats and weights, companies gave out everything needed for a productive and holistic work from home experience.
  3. Swag bags – since employees are not spending as much time at home, companies gifted company merch so employees will feel they are part of a team, even when apart.
  4. Tote bag – this is an evergreen corporate gift. A corporate tote bag will always be useful, and it has proven to be a useful and effective corporate gift time and time again.
  5. Drinkware – with brands making a steady march towards sustainability, more and more consumers are catching on by opting for more sustainable choices. This includes reusable and attractive drinkware.

Where To Buy Corporate Gifts In Singapore

Singapore has no shortage of corporate gift companies. Be sure to choose a corporate gift company which:

  1. has years of experience in the industry
  2. can provide the full range of services which you will require
  3. is able to value add those services with technological solutions (i.e., redemption platforms, procurement portals) which you may benefit from.

Who can I contact in Singapore about corporate gifts

You can contact Axxel Marketing at +65 68482482 on corporate gifts enquiries and requests. We have a long history of providing businesses with corporate gifting solutions for more than 20 years.